From the Darkness

by mastifal

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released January 1, 2005



all rights reserved


mastifal Argentina

Formada en : Enero 1995.

2000 – Holocausto mental.
2003 – Desde las tinieblas.
2005 – Carnivora.
2005 – From the darkness (version en Ingles de "Desde las tinieblas").
2006 – Carnivora (Version en Ingles).
2007 – Vehemente CD+DVD en vivo.
2010 – Holocausto mental (Remezclado y remasterizado).
2010 – Intermundia.
2013 – Rock podrido.
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Track Name: 01 - Awake
Track Name: 02 - Destiny
Chewing dawns for so long
He didn’t wait for the future to condemn him
with his chest he smashed the firmament
clearing the way as the wind does

and in his trip of wasted hours
He shed the tears of freedom
‘cause even suffering is a pleasure
and there’re words that insult the heart

I can see you with your face so dirty as if it was yesterday
you knew how to caress the game the game of life

I hope distance does not divide
the strong hug which united us
for the reason of your departure
so far we are, closer I am

if things do not come out as expected
you should never stop trying
to be born to suffer, my brother,
makes your step stronger through the time

Returning is not beginning it’s decision, it’s conscience
to exile oneself is not ambition it’s reflection for your blood
Track Name: 03 - From the Darkness
Under their law, crying and ashes
the fire that puts out your evil is lit
unconscious damage caused by misfortune
tasting the pain of the mortal flesh

Infamous plagues, blue blood in their veins
annihilation’s impressed on them
you were a prey of their insanity
one more who is being thrown into the dark

The tongue of the devil’s burning your body
you’ll know how to wait, down there in the dark
among the shades of your prayer
to the dictators of your bitter end

It may be seen in their wicked eyes
the hostile look of cruelty
shining with an evil brightness
spitting out their poison in your face

Untamed spirit crying out for revenge
thousands of winds causing a turmoil
immersed in the depths of an eternal dream
from the darkness, you will await.
Track Name: 04 - New artificial world
They live their own fantasy, unable to understand
disseminate their ignorance in cultivations of bile
zombie carnival, a substantial world
it’s what they offer for this lethal game

New blood which was poisoned by inequality
they benefit from your own luck, it’s a radial trash
don’t let yourself swallow the bait, it is time to react
can’t you see they’re defecating deep inside of us

A flock of sheep we have become, ideal consumers
easy prey in this new artificial world
they trade foundations of sand,
exhibition of social underground
spreading their mental battles
and selling our identity

New blood which was poisoned by inequality
they benefit from your own luck, it’s a radial trash
don’t let yourself swallow the bait, it is time to react
don’t you see they are exerting rational control

A young nation agonizes in stupidity
try to free us from this torture
there is no more time to waste.
Track Name: 05 - In the entrails of the apocalypse
Everything is dark and within my veins I can only feel
all that fury that is born in the fear so rooted to me
dirt and ashes, pure miseries ready to consume
they are like snakes on the lookout they crawl towards me,
everyone believed in the justice that they have drawn
they just want to see you crawling to your death

Immense city walls are manifested even the skies they will divide
thousands of souls are being prepared to snatch lives from one another
the coldest and blackest apocalypse lies under your skin,
open up your eyes, force your own way and take a look around.

Spit that fear that forces to silence
the enemy lives inside of you

An immense crypt is the key to hell
the consequence of reason
skies in flames, there are tides of death
nature has become our own prison

The apocalypse, open your eyes
the enemy lives inside of you.
Track Name: 06 - Heresies
Subjected to humiliations in a world so full of horror
the little boy goes through this life the slave of an impostor
which once used to be his father and now is his exploiting boss
He charged his frustrations on him turned his childhood into hate

Heresies, Heresies

This confused boy is enduring the illtreatment he receives
carrying bricks under the sun being unable to understand
His joy and his crystal castle are beginning to collapse
it dawned on him there’s no way out He leaves his fantasy behind

He no longer owns his days living his sad reality
dragging the oblivion He cries out begging for mercy
cutting out the hatred whip the dream of a better life

Child exploitation increases dominating today’s world
while the wheel doesn’t stop the horror keeps settling down
leave all the children alone childhood is a time for play
why don’t you treat them as people because that is what they are

In the garden of his innocence searching for a flower he is
but he ignores that fate is keeping only a bunch of hate for him
He no longer owns his days living his sad reality
licking up his bitter wound He just wants to be set free
Track Name: 07 - Necropolis
One more day in the sepulcher of civilization
the most miserable awakening under its marginal abyss
it has locked the scum of mankind in its essence
to engender in your existence its irrational condition.

A black omen, a promise of time
in putrid lands it will germinate
a thousand walls are quiet in the horizon
their shadows extinguish for eternity.

Tyrants furrow lines of death
the instinct for devouring awakes
the historic present cries without memory
its letters bleed one more time.

Faith collapses under the footsteps of legions of power
fear crushes the truths that burns under your skin
it has locked the scum of mankind in its essence
to engender in your existence its irrational condition.

With avaricious longings they lash
silenced and tortured voices
their black hearts palpitate
the dark pleasures of vanity.
Track Name: 08 - In the deserted land
Accustomed to bleeding your body succumbs
in an endless road buried among crosses
mental agonizing in the deserted land
you won’t find from now on the fraternal union.

Purifying your soul you will find the reason
relieving the wait for your resurrection.

Of lies and betrayal the road is made
you will find from now on your prestige and your destiny.

the waste of two decades of a wandering life
your motor is still on take a deep breath and carry on
Pain and resentment will be the sequels
you’ll be prepared for the next decade.

Purifying your soul you will find the reason
relieving the wait for your resurrection.

Accustomed to bleeding your body succumbs
you’ll find yourself at your own feet to get to the top
pain and resentment will be the sequels.
Track Name: 09 - Black sun
Burning my eyes, which are almost blind
a tireless enemy of all life and time
beating down on my days so high in the sky
all hope is disturbed under its aura of ice.

I bear my cross fighting against the wind
time will slowly heal all the wounds.

The words that one day tore up my chest
with a useless right I’m longing to heal.

With no sense of direction hoping to find
what I long to forget a star that doesn’t twinkle,
oppressive black sun from its paradise,
so icy and empty.

Threatening watcher in the eternal chaos
from its shade it will devour the end of my time
it will be your bloody macabre design
which cleans your mist, mournful black sun.
Track Name: 10 - Bloody walls
Carnal sentence in dirty lethargy
the damned time will never arrive
subworld karma in bloody walls
they contain the hate of all mankind.

Days of century among colored souls
of a dark past and sinister sins
their dead people revive in sick dreams

Even under ground
they scream their truth

Alone among walls that even time has forgotten
the tears of freedom burn me
a white dream seems to alleviate me
but it is only a deceit; it is not my reality
inside this stinking cage of death
the powder devours all hope.

Eternities passed;
they bent my spine
a thousand eyes show me
their empty lives.
Track Name: 11 - Loneliness
Tormentor the ethereal silence
when I close my eyes I can perceive
remote memories which contain my life
in deep agony Loneliness.

Ripping up my reason
burying my affliction

My honor’s been buried my dreams torn apart
I’m out of my mind scheming when I think
my time’s running out longing for freedom
my hours are bleeding Loneliness.

Ripping up my reason
burying my affliction

The tree of old yearnings has already withered
the hurting thorn’s finally shrouded my faith
scattering the seeds of my sick affliction
my obscure existence Loneliness.

My faded desires are dying aside
stealing the shadows of reality
a wandering spirit I’m searching for my fate
I’m closing my fist tight and longing for peace.
Track Name: 12 - Graves
Soldiers of abomination buried deep down on the ground
there have been as many battles as there're crosses to the sun
plenty of bodies concentrated lying on the honor field
there is no explanation to what the mission was for

We've got badges to remember
that this life is not eternal
I recall the souls in pain
I just need someone to explain
So many graves, graves

Societies in dispute pursuing their private goals
there is no vestige left of the path which led to peace
For the children of our children
we should try to change reality

We've got badges to remember
that this life is not eternal
I recall the souls in pain
I just need someone to explain.
Track Name: 13 - Ruins of the world
The grey ruins of a devastated land
in such agony no one wants to look at it
homeless species left to survive in mutilated jungles
they dry up rivers and there will be no place
for our kids to reside

Until the whole earth bleeds to death
and man contemplates his mistake
and he realizes that it is too late
to repair all the pain he has caused
which we’ve imposed as human beings
convinced we’re a superior race.

Helpless are the animals trying to escape,
they will never understand
the barbarism and cruelty
of the human race
which is determined to continue
until everything is destroyed.

Ruins of the world, its beaten heart barely beats
the earth is bleeding and its destruction is drowned by pain.
Track Name: 14 - Tierratas
human condition a terminal life
hatred's derived from the ambition to terminate
on the face of the earth the force extends
the cruel reality which war reveals

child abuse everywhere
the planet's been cursed
humiliation and dementia
the end is the aim


human condition planning to kill
they are trained in wars total destruction
the messiah's trade is falling to earth
universal prison the director from heaven

child abuse everywhere
the planet's been cursed
i spit in their faces
this pestilent truth